Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

It takes all of us at Nahan

The best workplaces are ones that work for everyone. Brainstorming, trading ideas, coming at problems from unique perspectives. Different mindsets bring more to the table. It’s about strength in numbers. And strength in diversity

Reaching our potential takes diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Regardless of race and ethnicities, abilities or disabilities, ages, genders, religions, cultures or sexual orientations, Nahan is here for all.

Our policy is to promote and encourage the representation and participation of all groups, all people, all levels of expertise. It’s a commitment that drives us. It helps guide our every decision.


Diversity is about the ways we are different as people. It’s also about protecting those differences. Things that make a group unique—they are what makes that group extraordinary. 

We vow to never discriminate by race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, gender identity, religion, different perspectives, age, language, marital status, veteran status, mental ability, physical ability or disability.



Equity is about being treated fairly. It’s about having equal access to opportunity, resources, and information. It’s about removing existing barriers that might hinder some groups from fully participating. It’s about fairly leveling the playing field, so all have a chance to contribute.


Does everyone feel welcome? Does every person feel they can contribute and make a real difference? Does our company culture embrace and celebrate our differences? Do our words and actions reflect our intentions? These are questions Nahan continually asks.