Data Services

Diverse data

From analytics-driven and specialty lists to omni-channel measurement and attribution, data takes many forms. We can provide prospect leads generated by predictive models. These tools are built via analytics derived from multiple data sources and elements not commonly found in standard sources. By utilizing data across sources, we can identify highly predictive data elements—leading to greater response and conversion results.

Expertise In:

Data Analysis, List Research, Consumer List and Data Acquisition, Predictive Modeling and Analytics, Match-Back Campaign Analysis, Business-to-Business List, and Data Acquisition

Our integrated direct mail success chain includes strategy, data, creative, and production execution. The typical data compiler manages more than 3,000 data points per person.* For a full-service direct marketing agency like Nahan, data is crucial—direct mail provides more data elements which we can target. A wealth of data and strong predictive analytics. It helps us precisely rank prospects based on response likelihood.

*Source: WebFX

Data Types

Financial Services and Insurance – Credit Data

For financial and insurance clients, we leverage a lot of pre-screened, credit bureau data—both in terms of triggers and broad market (dictated by credit score) campaigns. Nahan partners with credit data agents, which can yield previously untapped value.  Credit data agents typically receive and maintain data from the three main credit bureaus, painting a more comprehensive picture of behavior. Having data access across three bureaus provides more net-qualified names, typically 15—20% more. And it vastly improves credit decisioning. Plus, having more flexibility with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations allows counts to be more easily run before pulling a file.  Triggered data and our trigger production process improves response by 40—50% vs broad market pre-screened data.

Multiple Industries – Modeled Compiled Data

Compiled data is just that—data compiled from multiple sources and linked to individuals and households. It’s typically used in travel, healthcare, retail, telecom, and automotive direct mail. It typically includes demographic, psychographic, and attitudinal data. Nahan partners with a number of data compilers to provide value for our clients.

Co-op Data

Co-op data is customer purchase transactions. It is collected from thousands of co-op members and maintained in a database. Typically, a member marketer must provide their customer data on a regular basis to participate. Members include companies in catalog, retail, non-profit, publishing, finance, insurance, and business-to-business. Given that customer behavior often predicts future purchase behavior, this data is powerful.


B2B direct mail data used to be about two sources: Data Axle and Dun and Bradstreet. They are still major players, providing excellent data. And there’s also a continual flow of new B2B players offering new and powerful data points.

Prioritize Your Prospects


Data value is enhanced by predictive analytics. We leverage data to reach full potential with predictive modeling. We can prioritize your prospects.

Data and dollars

Nahan has long-time relationships with many direct mail data providers and brokers. We can determine the best fit for a particular client’s objectives—often at a lower cost than they could obtain on their own. The best possible data. The best possible price. What’s not to love?