Being strategic

Great results happen with a great plan. Our strategists apply decades of best-practice direct marketing knowledge to generate results. We mine those results through various resources. Direct mail, digital marketing, and multiple media channels ensure that integration reaches further.

Market Research, Test Design, Marketing Efficiency Appraisal, Budgeting, Segmentation, Campaign Planning

Strategy has always been a driver of direct mail. While every campaign has its own approach and personality, each should bolster a larger plan and hit well-defined goals. By leveraging strategy, creative, data, and analytics, we remain flexible to your needs as business shifts. It’s a nimble process, but also strictly monitored. Growth demands both.

Direct mail is an iterative process. It takes testing and time. Nahan has dramatically shortened this time frame by combining the full spectrum of marketing services. One source, many benefits.

Assessment & Data Strategy


Nahan takes the long view. We analyze and dissect past campaigns for performance. What messaging worked and what didn’t? What are the most meaningful numbers? What new opportunities exist?  

We’ll assess the current landscape to frame-up what competitors are doing. We’ll plot new goals that take advantage of your strengths.

Data Strategy

Reaching an audience starts with science. We identify and pull prospect data from hundreds of sources, determine which have the most industry clout, and zero in from there. Pinpoint targeting has human results—reaching the hearts and heads of prospects. Data trends ebb and flow—they often surprise us—but we’re nimble enough to address any new behavior.

Test Planning & Creative Strategy

Test Planning

Testing shouldn’t be a one-time, cookie-cutter occurrence. As your customer base evolves, testing should be a flexible, ongoing process that improves response and ROI. A properly designed mail test plan is intended to achieve growth goals without blowing up budgets. Digging in further, A/B and multivariate testing let us test multiple aspects: messaging, offer, design, format, and frequency.

Creative Strategy

We’ve analyzed, planned, and tested. Now we’re ready to create. To take what we’ve learned and design responsive creative. Messaging, design, and format come to life. Offers, supporting benefits, and calls to action work in tandem. A unique selling proposition is delivered. Our creative team draws on its collective expertise (an average of 20+ years each!) to deliver winning creative.


If we see an opportunity, we’ll utilize other channels. Cross-channel direct/digital marketing programs that leverage the original audience can optimize performance. It’s how old-school meets new tech and bridges the “digital divide.” Reaching out via multiple channels and devices increases results vs a direct mail-only campaign.

Example: Our cross-channel Direct Mail and Catalog Companion product targets prospects and customers by phone. One click re-targets across more devices and channels. Instead of needing restricted third party cookies and IP addresses, it uses Device ID. Personally identifiable information is bypassed.