Trigger Mailings

Trigger mailings are “triggered” by consumer behaviors; they’re the most effective type of direct mail campaign.

Behaviors include credit inquiries, purchases, life events, or a click on a website. The best trigger programs react quickly with personalized offers while interest levels are high.

How do you build an effective trigger program? Combine fresh, targeted trigger data with an efficient production process.

The Source

Three main trigger categories:

Credit Data
Credit triggers typically come from the three major credit bureaus. They include auto, credit card, mortgage, personal loan, home equity, retail, and insurance—with up to 65 million credit inquiries each month.

ITA Data
ITA data has many sources; it can be driven by age, marriage, employment, moving, shopping, and more. ITA data ranges from 10 to 20 million monthly occurrences. Trigger data can also be web-based, like cart abandoners or website visitors.

Your Website Traffic
Nahan offers you real time web visitor lead scoring. Over 95% of site visitors don’t self identify. Nahan can identify those anonymous visitors and overlay rich Experian data to retarget them with daily or weekly trigger mailing adding value to your digital investments.

Fresh Data

Fast, fresh, accurate

Nahan provides targeted triggered data via our credit data agent partners or other processes capturing behavior. Real-time, deduped, cleaned data is delivered for production within 24 hours—resulting in fresh data and superior results.

By using three bureaus, we obtain up to 30% more net data than by using one bureau.

Data can also be ranked and prioritized in real-time through sophisticated, predictive models.

Turnkey Production

At Nahan, we convert a complex process into a simple, turnkey program.

Nahan offers a dedicated solution for just-in-time trigger campaigns with a programmatic, “always on,” ROI positive campaigns in both online and offline media channels.

From receiving data to first mail drop, our 48-hour turn time is truly speed-to-market. A highly personalized direct mail piece or digital message (based on behavior) arrives in home just 5 to 7 days after the triggering event.

Unmatched Results

Market research indicates that it is crucial to reach recipients 7 to 10 days after an event. This is when consumers are in market for goods or a service.

Our triggers average 5 to 7 days from event to in home (using First-Class postage). After that, response drops off—speed is crucial.

Trigger campaigns are an ideal way to grow your business. Typical results look like this:
40 – 70% increased response over traditional mail campaigns
4X improvement on conversion rate
ROI Increase upwards of 12X

Trigger programs need to be perfectly timed and well-managed. The right prospect, the right time, the right offer. When prospects express a need, it’s important to react fast and be relevant. For quality data, superior production, and speed to market, think Nahan