Trigger Mailings

The value of triggered direct mail

Trigger mailings, triggering big results

Trigger mailings are “triggered” by an event—consumer behavior—and are the most effective type of direct mail campaign. Response is typically 4070% higher than a typical mailing. Marketers who work with data know that customer behavior —a credit inquiry, a purchase, a life event, a single click of interest into any product or service—is highly relevant. It’s more relevant than household income or a zip code. Marketers also know that consumer attention is fleeting.  

The best trigger programs reach out quickly with personalized offers while the interest level is still high.

How do you build an effective trigger program? Our approach is to combine fresh, targeted trigger data with an efficient triggered production process. There’s no better way to quickly reach prospects with timely creative and messaging.

The Source

Trigger data sourcing

There are two main trigger categories: Credit data and Invitation to Apply (ITA) data.

Credit triggers typically come from the three major credit bureaus. They include auto, credit card, mortgage, personal loan, home equity, retail, and insurance inquiries. There are between 38 and 65 million credit inquiries a month.

ITA data is non-credit-based and is derived from many sources. It is driven by lifecycle events like age, marriage, employment, home purchase, moving or shopping. ITA data ranges from 10 to 20 million monthly occurrences. Trigger data can also be web-based, like cart abandoners, or website visitors captured via software or an IP address.

Fresh Data

Fast, fresh, accurate

We provide targeted triggered data via our credit data agent partners and other processes that capture online behavior. Real-time, deduped, cleaned trigger data is delivered for production within 24 hours. Fresh data delivers superior results.

We have immediate access to all credit-active consumers. We can identify the “best” address and info for an individual. Because our agents source from three bureaus, they find 1530% more net triggered data vs using a single bureau.

Data can also be ranked and prioritized in real-time through sophisticated, predictive models.

Nimble Flexibility

Platform agility supports high-performance trigger mailings. Our dedicated Trigger Team has a level of flexibility and nimbleness unmatched by competitors. We convert the complex programming process into a simple, automated, turnkey program.

Timing is everything

A solutions provider with a quality product is a major advantage. From receiving data to first mail-drop, Nahan’s 48-hour turn-time is truly speed-to-market. We can leverage data for a personalized direct mail piece (or digital message) based on behavior. It arrives in-home as fast as 5 to 7 days after the triggering event.

Proven Results

Cross-industry analysis has shown trigger campaigns perform 4070% better than traditional programs. Analysis also indicates that it is crucial to reach recipients within 7 to 10 days after a behavior event. Our triggers average 7 days from event to in-home (when First-Class postage is used). After that, response drops off – which is why that speed is so crucial.

Trigger programs need to be perfectly timed and well-managed. The right prospect, the right time, the right offer. We effectively reach prospects who have expressed a personal need. And because our clients’ offers are not the only ones out there, it’s crucial to combine quality data, superior production, and speed to market.