Halloween Special: Getting Started with Printing Isn’t “Scary”

Authors: Nahan Marketing Team

Halloween is right around the corner! Our business is “boo”ming this time of the year and our presses are running nonstop. So, we thought we’d have some fun answering some frequently asked questions with a few Halloween puns.  You’re in for a real “treat” and maybe a few “tricks.”

Why are so many of our customers starting to add print campaigns again into their marketing strategies, even if they have taken a break from print or have never printed before?

Many customers come to us because they have been under the “spell” of the same old marketing tactics and they are looking for something new to break it. Some customers are looking for strategies like loyalty mailings to bring their “zombie” customers back to life. Others are looking to leave their competition in the “shadows” with awesome new campaign strategies. No matter the circumstance, we always say don’t let print “scare” you. We’re here to help and have a “ghoulishly” good time at Nahan. We love new “tricks” on our equipment and love to “treat” our customers to amazing quality print. We also offer a whole “web” of services to our customers so they are well taken care of.

Once someone decides to add a print campaign to their strategy, what sort of things should they think about?

First of all, you’ll want to think about your goals and what you want to achieve. What do you want your print project to do for you – drive sales, acquire new customers, bring customers into your store, etc.? You will no doubt want to take advantage of our Mail expertise, as Direct Mail marketing has significant response rates and we want the project to be as successful as you do.

Once you have the details for the project, our team will create a quote for you and we’ll put together a project schedule.

How about paper selection?

While our industry is facing a “scary” paper shortage, do not “panic.” our Sales Representatives are here to help you work through any issues for your particular project. Our responsive and adaptable team is here to serve you every step of the way despite industry capacity shortages.

My catalog has MANY pages, does it need “creep?”

Depending on how many pages, your book may need “creep” because when taking a “face trim” off, we wouldn’t want to lose any “digits.” Creep refers to the moving of margins in the document when the pages are folded. The amount of creep varies depending on how many pages are in your catalog. Our team will then trim off an paper creeping out of the cover for a professional finish. Our skilled experts will take care of that for you.

My project has “bleed?”

Yes, if your image extends to the edge of the page, you will want 1/8” extra image so that your image can “bleed” off the page.

Will my project be prone to “ghosting?” 

When we talk about the term “ghosting back,” we are referring to an image being lightened up to use as a background or other light accent. However, there are many undesirable “traps” that can happen when printing large solids. If your solid image has reversed type or white knockouts a few different types of “ghosting” can appear.

Mechanical “ghost” is a “phantom” image on the printed side of the sheet caused by ink “starvation.” It can be quite “menacing.” You will need a well-maintained machine with highly skilled operators to help eliminate it.

Chemical “ghosts” appear ominously when the ink is drying, caused by a differentiated dry speed and gaseous emissions, leaving a “ghosted” image on the other side of the sheet (in the solids). Experienced operators with a lot of training, R&D, and quality products help eliminate this as well. This type of ghost generally only happens on coated papers.

So, if you’re concerned about “ghosting,” who you gonna call? “Ghostbusters!” Just kidding, you can call us and we will help!

Getting Started with Printing

Can I get help with creative design?

Does getting the best direct mail design seem too “mysterious?” We’re here to help! We have a team committed to providing creative services unique to your needs. With decades of experience, our creative department delivers impactful and targeted direct mail design focused on improving your Return on Marketing Investment. Whether we are providing format ideation or full creative development, we collaboratively work with our clients to help solve their marketing challenges.