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Our creative team at Nahan has been bustling with activity; balancing client projects while also spearheading our internal branding initiatives. Over the past year, we’ve focused our content marketing efforts on diving into some of the complex challenges direct marketers face in today’s competitive marketplace. These collaborative efforts have inspired us to create something more tangible: Nahan Magazine.

“Our mission is simple: to stimulate conversation, foster real connections, and provide actionable insights.” – Mike Ertel, CEO

In our inaugural issue, we delve into a variety of topics that are at the forefront of the direct marketing industry. From trends and strategies to the intricacies of targeting and the transformation brought about by digital printing, we’ve covered it all. Highlights include:

  • A personal welcome and insights from our CEO, Mike Ertel
  • An overview of current “Direct Marketing Trends”
  • Strategies for navigating through a “Stormy Economic Environment”
  • Exploring “Informed Creative” and why “Personalization Matters”
  • The battle between “Behavioral Targeting vs Demographic Targeting”
  • “The Risk in Not Testing Your Direct Mail”
  • Unpacking “Trigger Mailing – When the Dominos Begin to Fall”
  • The transformative impact of “Digital Printing – Changing the Face of Direct Mail”
  • The advantages of working with the “Catalog Printing Pros”
  • An Introduction to Nahan’s White Papers

With the content curation complete, the next challenge was bringing these articles to life through creative design. That’s where our talented design team came into the picture, taking full creative reign on this side project. The result is a vibrant magazine of which we are all proud.

“Direct mail design is typically very methodical and targeted. This magazine was a blank slate, allowing us to flex our creativity using imagery and typography to convey the insights from the content,” shares Mike Dietz, Executive Creative Director. The magazine stands as a testament to our belief in the power of creativity in direct marketing, proving that design is the unsung hero of direct mail.

Laura Karels, Lead Designer on the project adds, “This was a fun opportunity for us to step outside of the box; to be both the client and the designer at once.” The magazine presented a unique challenge, differing from direct mail, which usually aims to get someone to open an envelope and take action. “With this cover, we want people to stop, question it, and be intrigued enough to open the magazine,” Laura explains.

Mike elaborates on the design process,“We worked on each spread independently, thinking about how to visually convey the content through engaging typography and imagery.” This independent approach to each article ensured a unique and dynamic spread, maintaining the reader’s interest throughout the magazine.

“We had the chance to step out of the direct mail mindset and present our content in a visually interesting way,” says Mike. The magazine not only showcases our expertise in the industry but also serves as a valuable resource for pros in the direct marketing space.

Laura shares her enthusiasm for the project: “There’s so much content in the magazine that demonstrates our team’s expertise. It’s a visual testament that we care deeply about helping our clients navigate the complexities of direct marketing.”

As you explore the pages of Nahan Magazine, you’ll find it is more than just a showcase of creative skill. It is a resource rich in insights and inspiration and a companion in your marketing journey.

Thank you for taking the time to explore Nahan Magazine. We are excited to share this journey with you and we hope you find inspiration, insights, and ideas to elevate your marketing efforts.


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Author Bio

Bryan Formhals is a Senior Marketing Specialist at Nahan. His efforts focus on sales enablement, market research, and content marketing. He has over 20 years experience in digital marketing working across content, social media, strategy, and communications. In his free time, Bryan enjoys photography and art, walking and hiking, and exploring parks and nature