Once Upon a Time in a Land Far to the North: Reflections from Jim Hesch

Author: Jim Hesch, Customer Service Leader

Once upon a time, in a land far to the North, where the cold wind howls and sun stays low and silvery, I took a journey through a state park in the Arrowhead Region. Each step I took, I heard the crunch of the many layers of snow that melted and refroze and were snowed on again.

I am standing in the snow and as the sun starts to fade; I get an ethereal feeling of peace and winter magic. The winter pixies might be out playing in the hoarfrost.

Land far to the North
Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

When it is really cold, the sun will get a rainbow from a halo of ice crystals called a sun dog; at night the moon can also cast a moondog. Almost spiritual.

I remember one year my mom came to visit us from Palm Springs. It was minus 40 degrees and they went for a walk. I said to my sister, “Let’s time them,” yeah… 30 seconds and they were back… pretty good for a southerner!

I’m glad to be home by the fire with a warm cup of cocoa; my thoughts shift to work. When it gets cold like this, a good Account Manager can bring sunshine to a cloudy, blustery day.

When it is so cold all you can do is laugh or cry, I will go talk to Alicia. I stick my head over the cubicle wall and tell her she is not funny, no fun allowed… Right… Or Mikey V, or is that Mr. V… always cheerful. I can hear him laughing with a customer from my office. He will send out a daily meme that leaves you no choice but to laugh.

Winter sports are really important to us up here in the tundra. It is always good to catch up with Cynthia and her football player / wrestler son. Watching our children or grandchildren play is the best! We also enjoy hunkering down with fun snacks to cheer on our favorite teams with family and friends.

So many of us are home-schooling our children and that brings other challenges (you know when I was in school, I walked to school uphill barefoot in snow storms both ways…) But we really love kids and will gladly talk about them and their wins, struggles, and losses.

Some of us, like my son, have their Christmas tree up already. Me? I have had my Christmas lights on all year, hoping it might bring a little extra joy this year.

We print in a warm, humidity-controlled building and in the winter we start our cars at lunch time. If the car won’t start, we all have jumper cables and pitch in to help each other out. We are proud of our work and the substantial library of products we produce and glad to brave the elements to come in every day…in sunshine or snow!  We are a close people up here, where warm hugs are a must (pre-pandemic).

If you have never seen or heard us boast about our CSAT (customer satisfaction score), you might be interested to know that for 12 months running our score is 88, and overall since we started keeping track it is 83. Get to know our team and you’ll find out why… it will warm your heart.

About the Author: Jim Hesch is a Department Manager at Nahan, was born in North Dakota but spent his early years in California. He is now entrenched in the Minnesota culture of shoveling snow, opinions on the meaning of life, and blogging. Come join us!

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels