Three Benefits of Nahan’s Drive-Up Hiring Events

Author: Janelle Kolle, Sr. Recruiter 


We can all agree that employment needs for most companies look different than they have in years past. While this presents a unique challenge to employers, it also provides an opportunity for innovative recruiting ideas. Based on the most recent data from The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of unemployed persons is at 9.5 million.1 Thankfully, we have a team of resilient and adaptable HR professionals who rose to the challenge of finding new ways to bring the excitement of our growing team to our community. The results of a collaborative brainstorm led to the birth of our summer Drive-Up Hiring Events. An entirely outdoor event that allows for an efficient experience for potential hires all while maintaining the personal touch of an in-person event. After holding two successful Drive-Up Hiring Events this summer, we’ve seen the advantage of these events in three significant ways.


1. Keeping Safety a Priority

Creating safe events at Nahan is critical for the health and well-being of our current and future employees. We found that our Drive-Up Hiring Events provide a quick, easy, and safe way for potential employees to apply for our open positions. The ability to conduct an interview from the comfort and safety of your car is a game changer for the future of hiring. This is something we can utilize here at Nahan for years to come.


2. Positive Return on Investment

Our Drive-Up Hiring Events have proved to be very effective in terms of cost, time, and resources. We have had a great turnout at each of our events, with one event resulting in four offers in just a couple of hours! Additionally, we look forward to referrals and the conversations generated by our previous events to follow in the weeks ahead.


3. Efficient, but Personal

The online job application process can be very impersonal, making things feel less genuine.  A member of our Talent Acquisition team said, “We need to see faces and feel connected on both sides, as a candidate, and as an employer. A huge part of feeling like you’ve found your place is seeing and feeling the facility and the culture.” Bringing people to Nahan with the Drive-Up Hiring Event allowed potential employees to see if they thought it would be a good fit and talk to production leaders as well.

Nahan is a large employer in the area, but only knowing the Nahan name is not enough for people to feel personally connected. Applicants need to feel welcome and comfortable during the process. This requires some creativity on the side of the employer to offer in the current environment. The work the team put forth in these creative ways was a great success.

Nahan Worker


Didn’t make the first two Drive-Up Hiring Events? No problem! Our next hiring event will be on Monday, August 16th. Come join us to meet our recruiters and discover your place at Nahan. Spread the word and tell your friends and family about our open positions and benefits. We are located at 7000 Saukview Drive, St. Cloud, MN 56303. See you there!