USPS 2023 Postal Rates: Mail Smarter

Author: Brandon Jacklin, Manager of Logistics and Postal Affairs

New USPS postal rates went into effect on January 22, 2023. These postal rate increases will enable the USPS to provide reliable and predictable service while ensuring its financial sustainability. More information about FAQ’s about USPS rate changes can be found here.

For your convenience, a printable rate chart can be downloaded here.

How Nahan Provides Cost-Effective Mailing Solutions

  • Logistics expertise – We have a team of logistics experts to help our customers determine the best mailing and transportation method for their needs. The team is always on top of what’s going on with industry changes and is quick to respond.
  • Multiple shipping methods – We have three primary shipping options: co-mail, commingle, and drop-ship, all of which our team of experts can help you choose from to best support your needs.
  • Advocating for our customers – Throughout industry changes, we remain committed to finding the best postage rates for our customers and by the best means possible relative to desired transit times and in-home dates.
  • Active support – We actively monitor, recommend, and assist with approvals to allow clients to take advantage of USPS postal promotions. This often saves clients 3-5% on their postage, which is typically the largest component of direct mail spend.

The printing and direct marketing industry could not exist without the partnership of the USPS to deliver your eye-catching and action-driving piece to your consumer. The team at Nahan is here to help you find solutions to minimize postage and transportation costs and drive improved marketing return on investment (ROI).