Employee Spotlight: Pat Scanlon


Author: Camille Rosa, Senior Marketing Specialist

Nahan is proud to have many extraordinary employees and we love taking the opportunity to share their stories with you. It’s not only our product quality that we take pride in, but the people who make the quality our customers expect, possible. In this Employee Spotlight, we are featuring Pat Scanlon, Pressman, and member of the Nahan team for the last 28 years.


Pat Scanlon

Pat Scanlon, Pressman

A Master of Print

Pat first ventured into the print industry in 1978, through a high school vocational program at Volkmuth Printing. Volkmuth originated in 1938 in Waite Park, MN, and would eventually be purchased by Quad Graphics, running until its closure in 2014. Pat earned his MPA (Master Printers of America) accreditation from the Printing Industries of America (PIA) in 1988. In 1990, he moved to working in the printing department of Banta Catalog Group. From there, Pat accepted a job at Nahan in 1995.

An Accomplished Pressman

One of the reasons Pat enjoys his role of Pressman at Nahan is the opportunity to think through and recommend ways to produce projects on the press. An accomplishment he prides himself on is being part of a team to start up three presses: M1000BE, Sunday 3000, and the Man Roland Rotoman.


“Working on these press teams gave me the opportunity to better understand how and why these presses are built the way that they are.”

-Pat Scanlon, Pressman


Even after 45 years in the industry, Pat says he still enjoys the art of putting ink on paper. Being part of a team where he is passionate about what he does, and where he gets to help people new to the industry learn more everyday about the ins and outs of print, gives Pat joy each day he comes to Nahan.

Beyond Nahan

Outside of work, Pat enjoys spending time with his family, his wife Theresa (also a member of the Nahan team), snowmobiling, fishing, going to the cabin, and riding motorcycles. In fact, he and his wife are planning a cross-country motorcycle trip this summer from Minnesota to northern California and back. Pat says his favorite place he’s traveled to so far has been Europe, where he and his family traveled across the continent. He also had the opportunity to go to Germany to be trained on the Man Roland Rotoman press.

When asked what the best piece of advice he’d ever been given was, Pat replied with “Don’t be afraid to learn something new every day.” In Pat’s decades long experience in print and 28 years of dedication to Nahan, he has truly shown the essence of this advice. Always willing to learn and to teach, Pat is an incredible value to the Nahan team and a tremendous individual as well.

Nahan Awarded Star One – Commitment in PIM’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Accreditation Program


(SAINT CLOUD, Minn.) – February 7, 2023 – Nahan, a full-service, direct marketing and print solutions provider, is proud to announce it has been awarded Star One – Commitment, from Printing Industry Midwest’s (PIM) Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Accreditation Program. As one of the first in the industry to unlock this achievement, we’re excited to continue working with PIM to grow this program in the industry.

This program is comprised of a passionate group of PIM members working towards creating foundational changes in the recruiting, hiring and training practices of our industry. Achieving this accreditation demonstrates our compliance and dedication to being a more diverse, equitable and inclusive company.

“We’re proud of the DEI initiatives we’ve implemented in recent years. This recognition from PIM underscores that we’re on the right path to helping the printing industry diversify and expand opportunities for marginalized groups,” said Chad Coss, VP, Human Resources at Nahan.

Nahan’s journey to becoming a more diverse and inclusive company will continue as we work towards the next star level, Aim. To achieve this level, Nahan will review our processes and documentation, setting measurable goals on how we can move forward with having an effect on DE&I.




About Nahan

Nahan is a full-service direct marketing and print solutions provider. Our portfolio of services includes strategy, creative, data, analytics, print production, mailing, logistics and fulfillment services.

Founded in 1962 by Jim and Helen Nahan, the company established a strong reputation for providing high-quality direct mail and commercial print and exemplary customer service. What was then a 15-person, family-owned print shop is now home to over 400 employees, including industry-leading experts in direct marketing strategy, data, analytics, creative, and more.

For more information about Nahan and our services, please visit http://www.Nahan.com.



Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) is the trade association representing print service companies in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. Membership resources add value to companies that provide print, graphic communication services, market or manufacture supplies for the printing industry. Visit PIM’s website (www.pimw.org) or call PIM’s office (612.400.6200) for more information and questions about membership.



Printing Industry Midwest’s (PIM) Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Accreditation Program was designed to create foundational changes in the recruiting, hiring, and training practices of our industry. This program was created by the PIM Diversity Coalition, a group of individuals from companies who are members of PIM, who put together metrics and a process for accreditation that will help your company continue to uphold and enforce a more diverse and inclusive company environment. For more information, please email Kristin Pilling-Davis & Sadie Johnson (diversity@pimw.org) or visit our website (www.pimw.org/diversity/).