Employee Spotlight: Jenny Chirhart

At Nahan, we pride ourselves on our amazing team that makes our mission possible. One of those amazing team members is Jenny Chirhart, our Fulfillment Department Leader.

Jenny Chirhart, Fulfillment Department Leader

“The part that I enjoy the most about being on the Nahan team is how everyone works together to get the job done.”

Jenny Chirhart, Fulfillment Department Leader

Nearly Two and a Half Decades of Commitment to Nahan

Jenny has been a Nahan employee for the past twenty-four years. She began her Nahan career following her high school graduation as a Direct Mail Helper. During the years following, she worked as a Quality Checker, Laser Operator, and Inserter Operator. Jenny worked in the Customer Service Department for nine years and then in Prep and Outside Purchasing for another three years. In the spring of 2018, she became a Lead in our Fulfillment Department, and then was promoted to a Shift Leader in the summer of 2019. When I asked Jenny what made her the proudest of her time at Nahan, she responded with the fact that she has worked hard over the years and it earned her a leadership role. She also credits the people she gets to work with every day, as a reason she enjoys working at Nahan.

Jenny and her children

“The people who inspire me the most in my life are my children.”

Jenny Chirhart, Fulfillment Department Leader

Life Beyond Nahan

When she is not leading the Fulfillment Department, Jenny enjoys spending time with her family. She added that the best advice she’s ever received is to enjoy time with her children and family because time goes by too fast. Other than spending time with family and friends, Jenny’s hobbies include four-wheeling, going on walks, and playing games. She also enjoys traveling, citing Hawaii as her favorite trip, and she hopes to do more traveling in the future.

Careers at Nahan

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Bio: Camille Lehmann is on the Marketing team and started with Nahan in January of 2020. Camille is responsible for assisting in Nahan’s marketing strategies and goals. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Marketing with a specialization in Project Management. In her spare time, Camille enjoys writing, going to coffee shops, and spending time with friends and family.

Nahan’s Fulfillment Department: An Interview with Jenny Chirhart

Author: Melissa Fransen, Marketing Manager

Jenny Chirhart

Meet Jenny. Jenny started with Nahan in 1996. Jenny leads Nahan’s Fulfillment department, which is our newest division at Nahan. This new department continues to be a huge growth area for Nahan. We’ve more than doubled our staff count in this department in less than two years and continue to add an impressive amount of customers and projects. I thought I’d take this special opportunity to introduce Jenny and some of the great things that Nahan’s Fulfillment department is up to these days.

Jenny, first tell me a little about your career path at Nahan.

Jenny: I’ve held a variety of roles at Nahan. I started my career in the mail center as a Helper on the high-speed inserters, then I moved into the Quality Checker role, and from there I was a Laser Operator.  I wanted to learn more about the company so I joined the Customer Service team and worked there for nine years, then held positions in Prep and Purchasing. From there, I became a Lead in our Fulfillment department in May of 2018 and became a Shift Leader in July of 2019.

That is fantastic Jenny! Can you give me an overview of how Nahan’s Fulfillment department started?

Jenny: Nahan’s Fulfillment department was started as a result of a customer asking us to do a UPS mailing for them. It started off with small quantities for the project and has grown into a large volume of quantities each week. We’ve continued to expand this area and we are now doing projects for a wide range of other customers as well. One of the great things about Nahan is that when we have a customer that is looking for us to do any type of mailing project to make things easier on their end, we have an awesome team that comes together to find a solution for them.

What types of projects is our team currently doing?

Jenny: Currently, our team is working on a 3-way match mailing project. Basically, we have a three-panel folder that gets a personalized letter and a personalized card added into the folder. Then, this package will go into a pre-labeled, addressed OSE.

What other types of projects have we done?

Jenny: We’ve done a large variety of assemble, pack and ship projects. Two particular projects stand out. One was a tube mailing project, where we put a personalized letter into the tube, taped the ends, and put an address label and meter strip on to mail it and the other, we put together a Holiday gift package last year with calendars and holiday cards included.

What are you most proud of that the Fulfillment team has accomplished? 

Jenny: I’m very proud of this team with how well they work together and help each other. They know what needs to be done and they have fun doing it.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Jenny: This group of individuals are truly amazing to work with. There is a lot of teamwork. They work very hard together to get the jobs done so we meet the customer’s expectations.

Jenny, this has been great. Thank you for your time!

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Bio: Melissa Fransen is our Marketing Manager. She started with Nahan in May of 2017. Melissa is responsible for Nahan’s marketing initiatives, which includes everything from conference planning to social media initiatives. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys spending time with her husband and enjoying time in the outdoors with family and friends.