USPS Announces 2023 Postal Promotions


Author: Brandon Jacklin, Manager of Logistics and Postal Affairs


Exciting news for all marketers – the 2023 USPS Postal Promotions have been approved! The annually released Postal Promotions are a valuable resource for marketers to save money by mailing smarter.  

For your easy access, you can download our promotions guide here. The guidebook provides a quick glance over each promotion’s most important information including eligibility and effective dates. For more detailed information on each promotion, please visit 

Let’s dive into the most important changes in this year’s Postal Promotions and how you can use them to your advantage.  

USPS 2023 Postal Promotions


What’s Changed? 

The 2023 Postal Promotions include a few notable changes and additions that marketers should be aware of. 

  • Mobile Shopping has moved under the Emerging and Advanced Technology category, and now qualifies for a 3% discount (up from 2% this year). (May 2023 – November 2023) 
  • The Tactile and Interactive (TWI) Engagement promotion is increased to 5% and  will include applying scent to the outside of the mail piece as an eligible technique. (February 2023 – July 2023)
  • New to 2023 is the Reply Mail IMbA promotion. A new automated accounting system for Business Reply Mail (BRM), the USPS is encouraging mailers to use the system, offering a 3% discount to mailers that use static IMbA on their BRM and a 6% discount for mailers that use serialized IMbA. (July 2023 – December 2023)
  • Another new promotion for 2023, is focused on Retargeting Mail, providing a 5% discount to mailers of First-Class Mail automation postcards that are mailed in connection with website or app behavior. (September 2023 – November 2023) 

Save Money With Informed Delivery 

Marketers who utilize Informed delivery will once again receive a 4% discount in 2023. Informed Delivery is a free program for consumers who wish to participate that allows them to see photos of the mail before it arrives.  

It consists of two main elements: 

1) A large grayscale image of the piece or a 4-color representative image of the mailer. 

2) A smaller, accompanying image that offers interactive marketing potential. Clicking on this image or on the “Learn More” call to action opens the URL associated with the campaign. It can also be used to open a marketer’s phone app for the recipient to call. 

With over 44 million consumers signed up for Informed Delivery, there is major potential for marketers to take advantage of that audience with links and Call-To-Actions accompanying the user’s mail images.  

Save with Postal Promotions in a Changing Economy  

It’s no secret that the economy has changed, throwing many marketers into a whirlwind of trying to pinch pennies and be smarter about their strategy. One of the best ways to do this with direct mail is, as we like to say at Nahan, to mail smarter. Plan ahead with the Postal Promotions to strategize what you mail and when. Incorporate ride-along images with mail pieces to utilize with Informed Delivery. With so many possibilities, there’s always a way to save.  

USPS Promotions – A Great Way to Engage Customers and Save on Postage

Author: Jen Bender, Senior Account Executive

Client engagement with your brand, products, and services begins at the mailbox. The look and feel of the piece you are mailing needs to draw in the consumer and make them want to open the package. 

USPS Promotions provide a great opportunity to engage customers, while saving on postage. We recently shared the 2021 USPS Postal Promotions calendar, which highlights the upcoming postal promotions for this year. In this blog, we are featuring two promotions that have been of particular interest to many of our customers.

Tactile, Sensory and Interactive Promotion

The Tactile, Sensory and Interactive Promotion (TSI) encourages sensory engagement with the physical mail piece using technical advances within the direct marketing industry.  Categories that qualify within this promotion include – specialty inks, specialty papers and interactive mail piece design.

The addition of a visual or textural element(s) can create intrigue for the recipient.  The addition of these treatments – like soft touch or sandpaper on the envelope or the addition of a lenticular card on the letter – can boost client interaction with the mail piece.

Treatments can be applied to the envelope and/or the mail piece but must be both visible and distinguishable and must meet automation compatibility requirements. The TSI promotion runs February 1, 2021 through July 31, 2021 and approved pieces receive a 2% postage discount.

Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion

The Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion integrates direct mail with advances in technology.  This promotion incorporates Enhanced Augmented Reality, Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology, Virtual Reality, and other digital methods to enhance your direct mail piece.

Creating an omnichannel marketing experience for your audience can accentuate your marketing strategy.  For example, add your logo, image or icon to the piece to create an interactive experience for the client by featuring a new product or service. 

The Emerging and Advanced Technology promotion runs March 1, 2021 – August 31, 2021.  Approved mail pieces quality for a 2% postage discount.

Getting Started with USPS Promotions

Our team is happy help you learn more about USPS Promotions and how to get started. Reach out to your Sales Representative, Account Executive or Account Manager for additional details as there are rules and restrictions that apply.

Bio: Jen Bender is a Senior Account Executive at Nahan. Jen has over 20 years of direct marketing experience and she enjoys working with clients to bring their direct marketing initiatives to the next level. Jen and her husband have two children and as family, they enjoy cheering on the team her husband coaches. Jen also enjoys reading, writing, and music.